Participants pose for a photo with VC Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and veteran at GCUL

The future of Indo-Pak relations in the long run is dependent on peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue, said veteran diplomat and Old Ravian Shamshad Ahmed Khan while addressing an invited lecture, organized by the Government College University Lahore Quaid-i-Azam Political Science Society, on the issue of Kashmir. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired the invited lecture, while GCU Political Science Department Chairperson Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt was also present.

Asserting the need of a strong, well thought-out, futuristic Kashmir Policy, Mr Shamshad suggested delinking of Kashmir issue from Terrorism. India, he opined, has successfully linked the Kashmir issue with Terrorism thus alienating Pakistan in international community. He said the previous governments wronged Pakistan by backing off from its longstanding moral position on Kashmir issue.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof Rahman said Pakistan’s academia would never let the Kashmir issue buried before it got resolved. He said that peace in the region was directly linked with Kashmir issue and all other countries in the region should also put pressure on India to resolve the issue. He further said Kashmir issue had been the most discussed topic in tutorial groups at GCU.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr Khalid Butt expressed gratitude to Shamshad Ahmed Khan for having a very informative and interactive session with the university students, saying that such lectures broaden the vision and knowledge of students about the national issues.

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