Valentine's Day

Say No to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day couldn’t get attraction as students and communities of various classes have rejected to celebrate it on high scale. It was revealed in a survey especially conducted by “Education Times” yesterday.

A team of reporters cum researchers have been assigned to calculate the feelings of the students from various public and private sector universities about the Valentine’s Day. Amazingly the majority of the students said that they have their own culture and norms to celebrate it with friends and family and they are not bound to stuck them-selves just for a day.

A PU student Mehwish told “Education Times” that she was well aware about the boundaries which have been given by her parents. It will be unjustified if she will go across those limits.

Ali studying at Institute of Communication Studies said that media has captured over thoughts but being a student we were taught that we must recheck before adopting the things. Valentine’s Day is not our culture so we should rigorously against such day of vulgarity.

Almost same mindsets observed at Lahore College for Women University where except a particular tiny class of student majority refused to celebrate Valentine’s. Sara a student said that media is playing a leading role in reshaping the traditions. Media diffusing foreign culture among us while during last decade people were not aware about such kind of celebration but now change has been made through bombardment of advertisements. Um e farwa said that people who are strongly connected with their norms and always refuse to engage herself in such kinds of negative activities.

Shanzay from the same versity said that she likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day with full zeal as she has her own words to justify. She said that the entire world covered in threat of terrorism and such particular event either from east or west gives ease to mind.

Nawazish from Government College University said that people are extremely busy to get their livelihood and they have no much time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Politicians and elite class with unlimited sources of income only can manage to celebrate the day.

Zarwa from Iqra University said that life has been choked in routine life and Valentine’s Day gives some spare time to cheer up. People who celebrate or those who don’t; have their own choice to live while nobody else have right to interfere in personal life.

 It was also revealed during survey that social media has influenced the youth against these activities. It worked as a silent weapon as majority of the youth keenly touched with various social media websites.

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