Dr Aneela Salman

A Group Photo of MD PEF and DIYA (a social organization) with Girls Students

Aiming to promote girls education the Punjab Education Foundation has enrolled about 1.4 million girls students in 34 hundred PEF partner schools which actually a great achievement. It was stated by the Managing Director Punjab Education Foundation Dr. Aneela Salman while addressing the scholarships awarding ceremony of high-achiever students from various PEF partner schools of north zone. Checque

It was a co-venture in collaboration with “DIYA” Pakistan, social organization. Dr Aneela said that the girls should know their rights and PEF helping them to utilize their intrinsic potentials. Education plays an important role in empowerment and development of the skills of the girls. In fact, education is the best ladder of progress and economic empowerment.”

President “DIYA” Pakistan Aftab Ahmad expressed about the role and importance of girls education in context of national development and assured his organization’s support to PEF partner schools students. MD-PEF Dr. Aneela Salman distributed cheques among the students.

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