Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Qazi is amongst senior most professors of the Department of Zoology, has introduced Bioethanol, Biohydrogen, Biodiesel and Enzymes particularly for industrial relevance with concomitant solution of solid waste (s) and generation of animal, especially fish feed. His work was appreciated on high scale in 3rd Invention of Innovation Summit 2014 held at University of the Punjab, where about 20 stalls were setup repressing various universities of Pakistan.

Prof Dr Javed Qazi explaining about his new Invention

Prof Dr Javed Qazi explaining about his new Invention

While talking to the “Education Times” Dr. Qazi said that bacteria capable of promoting plant growth through their nitrogen fixing. Acetic acid production has also been isolated from a metal contaminated site. These bugs have been found to promote plants’ growth even in the presence of toxic metals. Thus they can be applied for agricultural rehabilitation of metals’ contaminated lands.

Another accomplishment is the isolation and low cost cultivation of probiotics which have expressed growth promoting and fish disease controlling effects. These all researches have been testified on initial level with extremely satisfactory results.

While talking about the 3rd Invention of Innovation Summit 2014 he said that such kind of events always provoke the students to show their capabilities. Our researchers have potential to compete with others who are working in developed countries. He appreciated the steps taken by the VC Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran and said that being a scientist he always realize the strength of research, that’s why he encourage the scholars and facilitate them as much as he can.

It is pertinent to mention here that 15 Ph. D’s, 15 M.Sc Hons / M.Phil and 50 B.S/M.Sc. students have been completed their degrees under his supervision and they are serving the nation in various leading research institutes.

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